Whitewater rafting the Penobscot River with Three Rivers

UNTAMED Maine Outdoor Adventure & Recreation magazine is published by Untamed Mainer, dedicated to sharing Maine outdoor adventure and recreation opportunities, in partnership with Katahdin Media Works, specializing in marketing for outdoor brands.

The magazine is created by Maine outdoor enthusiasts, for Maine outdoor enthusiasts.

Meet the Crew!

Angela Quintal-Snowman


Angela loves escaping the office, planning the next big adventure, and has an extensive collection of backpacks.

Henry Borntraeger


Henry grew up paddling the wilds of Canada at Keewaydin and is now a Registered Maine Guide. He loves outdoor adventure and building things.

Terry Hamlin & Kj


Terry enjoys researching and visiting historical and beautiful places throughout Maine. His son, Kj, shares his passion for history and adventure.

Stacy Belanger


Stacy has always been inspired by nature. She devotes countless hours driving back roads with her family searching for wildlife with the goal of capturing the animal's spirit and personality.

Sayre Savage


Sayre has lived in Maine her entire life and tries to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She currently resides in the Bangor area, and spends most of her free time traveling the state in search of new places to hike, mountain bike, kayak, or otherwise explore. While these three activities are her favorites, she’s always up for learning new activities or skills.


Adventure Dog

Wrangler loves being outdoors and exploring Maine's wild and untamed places with his humans, Angela and Henry. He also enjoys a good scratch behind the ears and his squeaky pigs.

About the Magazine


UNTAMED Maine Outdoor Adventure & Recreation magazine is completely FREE, and always will be.  The magazine is offered only in digital format because in the digital age people want access to the information they need now.  With an interactive magazine, that’s what they get.


The magazine is published in an interactive .PDF format.  This means readers using the free Adobe Reader can tap or click on addresses and locations in the magazine and Google Maps will give them instant driving directions from their location.  They can view embedded videos instantly, email businesses, and visit websites all from inside the magazine.  If users are viewing the magazine on their cell phone they can tap on a business phone number and it will instantly show up in their dialer.  All they have to do is tap the call button- no more memorizing those ten digits.


For adventurers who still want to have a hard copy, any portion of the magazine can be printed.  The magazine is downloaded on a user’s device so when they are off the grid, deep in the woods where no one has service, or on those sections of I-95 where cell towers just don’t reach, they can still read the magazine and plan where they want to eat or stay when they return from their adventures.