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Where to see Moose in Maine

Moose are on the Move in Fall Wondering where to see moose in Maine?  Well, fall is the best time of year to view moose in Explore More

Rachel Carson Salt Pond: Coastal Gem

DeLorme: Map 7, C4 GPS:  43.879828, -69.483940 {About Rachel Carson} Rachel Carson Salt Pond was named after a dedicated marine biologist and conservationist who studied marine life Explore More
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Maine Four Corners Experience Tour Road Trip

{Die-hard road-trippers only} Are you ready for a mega summer road trip challenge? Well here is a great one for you- visit the four corners Explore More

Maine Waterfall: Moxie Falls

Location:  Moxie Gore (a stone’s throw from The Forks) DeLorme: Map 40, E3 GPS: 45.353651, -69.940755 Dogs: On Leash Breathtaking Views Moxie Falls is by Explore More

Maine Waterfall: Shin Falls

Watch Video Footage of Shin Falls: Just North of Millinocket Shin Brook Falls (Shin Falls) is an incredible hidden gem just north of Millinocket.  The Explore More

Experience Maine’s Height of Land

Panoramic Views     If you’re traveling in the Rangeley region of the state, be sure to stop at Height of Land.  This roadside rest Explore More