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Maine has a network of over 14,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails throughout the state, making it the 4th largest trail system in the United States!  Of those miles, 4,000 are part of the Interconnected Trail System (ITS) which connects every region of the state.  Prime snowmobiling can be found throughout the state, no matter what region you visit.  Some of the more popular regions include Jackman & the Moose River region, Moosehead Lake, Rangeley Lakes, Millinocket, the Katahdin region, and Aroostook County.

Snowmobile up a Mountain to 3,717 Feet

Maine’s highest elevation snowmobile trail can be found at the top of Coburn Mountain in The Forks region, at 3,717 feet.  The trail is maintained by the Coburn Summit Riders snowmobile club.  The trail is 2 miles long and has two sections.  The first is groomed regularly and reaches the radio repeater tower with a turn-around.  The second is steep, narrow and winds up the final mile of the mountain to the summit.  This trail is only open when conditions allow.  Contact the Coburn Summit Riders for updated trail conditions.

Help Keep Our Snowmobile Trails Open

Maine’s snowmobile trails are only possible through partnerships between the Maine Snowmobile Association and Maine landowners.  Over 95% of Maine’s trails are on privately owned lands.  To keep these trails open for future use please stay on marked trails and carry out all litter.  Logging operations continue through the winter months, with many trails in logging territory.  Stay on marked trails and don’t travel on plowed roads unless they are part of the marked trail.  These trails are often rerouted due to logging operations.  Contact local snowmobile clubs for updated trail condition reports.

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